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Ai Mikaze / Hibikaze de hatsune miku

Esta cancion no pertenece a uta no prince sama es un mmd que me parecio muy lindo y decidi en aprendermelo:'3.

【speedpaint】Mikaze Ai 美風 藍【描いてみた】

Drawing Uta no prince sama うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ 一十木 美風藍, Mikaze Ai Letraset Flex markers

This a portrait of , Mikaze Ai, character of the game/ anime Uta No Prince Sama, he belongs to their respective creator Kanon Kunozuki. Enjoy! It took me around 2 hours to finish this. ALL...

【MMD】極楽浄土/Gokuraku Jodo+ Short PV (UtaPri)

Some credits are missing or wrong in the video. Please read my description for the proper credits. This song got me hooked. God, this has gotta be the most stages I've ever used in one video....

Mikaze ai voice box

Mikaze ai's voice box ITS SUPER COOL.

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